Dr. Kristina Karvinen



Schulich School of Education – Associate Professor
office: AC201-I
email: kristinak@nipissingu.ca
ext: 4670


BA (Honours), Queen’s University;
MA, York University;
PhD, University of Alberta

Areas of Specialization:

          Physical activity and cancer

Research Interests:

  • Physical activity promotion in cancer survivors
  • Quality of life and survival benefits of physical activity for cancer survivors
  • Psychosocial determinants of physical activity

Current & Future Research:

  • Effectiveness of a resistance training program on inflammatory markers and chemotherapy completion in lung cancer patients on chemotherapy (Principal Investigator)
  • Physical activity in newly diagnosed lung cancer patients (Principal Investigator)
  • Physical activity programming and counseling in cancer centers in the United States (Principal Investigator)
  • Locus of control and health behaviors in Americans (Principal Investigator)
  • Active Life: Predictors of long-term maintenance of physical activity (Co-Investigator)
  • The effectiveness of an internet-based physical activity intervention for improving physical activity counselling skills in oncology nurses (Principal Investigator; pending funding)
  • Knowledge translation strategies for improving physical activity counseling practices of nurses and oncology nurses.
  • Beliefs about the primary prevention of cancer in the general population.
  • Beliefs and barriers about physical activity in adults with Type I Diabetes.


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